Period July - August 



Nautic course 1 week + lunch 135€

Nautic course 2 weeks 180€ (mo lunch)

Nautic course 2 weeks + lunch 250€

Nautic course 1 week135€ (no lunch)

Nautic course 1 week+ lunch 170€

Nautic course 2 weeks 250€ (no lunch)

Nautic course 2 weeks + lunch 320€


Duration 10:30h to 13:00h no lunch - 9:00h to 15:00h with lunch

Vancacy 25

From Monday to Friday we have Dingy Sailing, from 10:30 to 13:30, where your kids embark of different boats.

Our sailing school does not only what your children to have fun, but also to teach them how to sail, respect the sea and its environment. We teach them the importance to recycle and take care of the sea. Each child will have a Ships Log Book where day after day they will be able to wrtie down their experience.

Every Friday fortnight in an emotional encounter with parents & kids, we hand over their diploma with their Federative license.

All our activities your children are accompanied by qualified staff and speak English.

Invite your children to spend a different summer, a NAUTICAL summer.

* The courses will be carried out with a minimum of 4 students.