Legal Conditions

--You declare that the RCNT has sufficiently informed you about the characteristics of the course, especially of the activities, the teaching staff and the necessary equipment for certain activities, schedules, rules of conduct.

--You authorize the RCNT so that, if the student due to discipline behavior, the trainers adopt the appropriate measures, including if applicable, the expulsion of the course.

--You authorize doctors and other health personnel that, if applicable, the RCNT may request to provide the student with assistance, in case of any accident, illness or injury in our installations and in any other areas used for the course, consenting to the RCNT of any treatment that doctors consider necessary.

-- You declare that the student has no illness or injury that prevents him from doing the course and that you are obligated to inform of any allegry in a reliable manner and of any changes of situation since the signature of the student.

-- You declare that the students voluntarily assume the risks inherent of the course and consequently exempt the RCNT and its staff from any injury or damage that may be suffered by the activity. This exemption does not include injuries or damages resulting from the fault or negligence of RCNT or its personnel.

--The RCNT is authorized to record all or part of the student´s participation in the RCNT activities by means of photographs, videos and any other similar means, as well as to make use of it, for the dissemination of their activities of such recordings through any means, especially through the website of the RCNT.

-- The RCNT informs you that your personal data that you provide by filing out this form will be treated by the RCNT as responsible for this website. The purpose of the collection and processing of personal data that we request is intended to meet your request for registration to the nautical sensations program. By checking the acceptance box, you are giving your legitimate consent so that your data is treated with the present purposes. Your data will not be transferred or communicated to others. The RCNT will keep your data indefinitely, without making any use other than the purposes described, to advise you in subsequent consultations. You have the right to file a claim with the appropriate authority. You can consult the additional and detailed information on Data Protection on our website